International Training for Systemic Dynamics in Organisation in Riga 2020-2021

This is the basic organisational constellations facilitation training programme held in Riga, Latvia in English language. Training consists of 4 moduls, each taking four full days. Addition day at the end of each module is added for supervised practice in international setting. The size of the group is minimum 12 – maximum 20 participants. The amount of Latvian participants will be limited in order to have an international learning environment. The training programme is run by Systemic Constellations Center Riga with international support from Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland.

This profound systemic education programme will provide you with the fuel for the next coming years. You will be able to:

  • perceive organisations as live systems and explore most organisational issues from systemic perspective;
  • recognize systemic dynamics influencing organisational system;
  • facilitate an organisational constellation and do systemic interventions with and without constellating the case;
  • explore personal patterns, integrate experience and grow into own consciousness.

This training is intended for people who are dealing with organisations in many different capacities – as owners, directors, leaders, team and project leaders, etc. The training is suitable for people who plan to learn and use systemic constellations further as an instrument, method or attitude in their professional life and career. Also, the training is for people who do not plan to develop their constellations facilitations skills, but rather are opened to explore a wider world view and look for solutions to their own organisational issues.

Training Dates for 2020 – 2021:

4- 7 March, 2020. Module 1. Optional international practice day on 8 March
1-4 July, 2020. Module 2. Optional international practice day on July 5
21 – 24 October, 2020. Module 3. Optional practice day on October 25
13 – 16 January, 2021. Module 4. Optional practice day on January 17

Training Topics

  • perceiving organisation as a system: training systemic perception and internal attitude; understanding organisation as a live system, differentiating organisational system from family system, differentiating systemic work from business thinking, terminology and solutions;
  • basic system-phenomenological theory; morphogenetic field; mechanisms and principles influencing organisational systems, the method of systemic organisational constellations, other forms of systemic work, theory U;
  • discovering systemic dynamics in organisation: dynamics arising from the principles of belonging, order and exchange.
  • discovering how and when organisational issues are built in larger social contexts; trauma reactions in organisational context; working with trauma in organisation;
  • constellations facilitation skills: building internal attitude for holding space, skills for “chair-work” and “field work”; perceiving the client and the entire system; choosing elements, representatives, understanding representational process; constellation process step-by step guidelines; “reading” a constellation, developing the skills of finding systemic sentences and other interventions; process work in constellations; facilitating a constellation and making sense for the client in the real life; practice and supervision;
  • Different types of constellations for organisations: product/market constellations; constellations for teams; consulting constellations, tetralema and problem constellations; specifics working with family systems;
  • Forms of constellation work: table-top constellations, floor encores, systemic coaching with/without constellations;
  • business/management issues from systemic perspective: M&A, leadership issues; engagement and motivation issues, etc.;
  • Principles of ethics and professional standard; integration of personal professional background; identifying own strengths, future challenges and areas of development.

Participants will receive full written training material.

During the training, aditional programme will be offered after the full training days. Also there will be possibility for personal issues workshop during the training programme for those, for whom a constellation on personal issues will be needed.

Trainers of the programme:

Iveta Apine, Founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga
Barbara Hoogenboom, co-owner of Bert Hellinger Institute Nertherland
We will keep you informed about the guest trainers for this training soon.

Cost of full training programme is 3600 euro + VAT (if applicapble). Payments can be devided in parts.

Admission: register for the programme at info@constellationsriga.lv. With registration, please also submit a motivation letter in free format, elaborating about your experience with and motivation in systemic constellations, your wishes and hopes for this training, plans for applying the acquired knowledge, and your general work and educational experience. We will contact you after receiving application. You will be notified of your participation in the group after initial interview.


Introduction to Systemic Dynamics in Organisations Lithuania

Systemic Dynamics in Organisation
Introductory Training for leaders, HR professionals and consultants

This one day introductory training is a is designed to get you acquainted with systemic dynamics in organisations as well as experience systemic constellations in organizational context. This is a great way to bring new insights for the next working period, get a fresh look at your situations and initiate solutions.

Leaders often find themselves in situations where important decisions need to be made about strategy, people, products, growth, change etc. In order to make smart decisions that ensures long term success, it is useful to understand the nature of how an organisation as a living system works, learning about systemic patterns and dynamics that unconsciously influence the wellbeing and success. In this training you will experience solutions for some specific business cases through organisational systemic constellations, learn about systemic dynamics in organisations, teams, individuals.

Training topics include:

  • what does it mean – to look at organisation from systemic perspective?
  • systemic principles of order, belonging and balance in organisations;
  • symptoms that keep repeating in organisations and require systemic attention: loosing talents, not reaching goals; turnover decrease; conflicts among employees; burnout, etc.
  • systemic constellation for one/two organisational issues/cases;
  • how knowledge on systemic dynamics can help leaders build successful companies.

Target audience: HR managers that act as strategic partners for the leaders, middle and top managers

Training dates: November 13, from 10:00 to 16:00.
Training place: SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, Kalvarijų g. 137E, Vilnius, room 319Training language: English
Please apply via email to info@constellationsriga.lv
Training costs: 120 euro, 100 euro for the members of PVPA

Facilitators: Iveta Apine, Maija Dobele



info@constellationsriga.lv +371 27448888

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info@constellationsriga.lv +371 27448888