The longest road is from the head to the heart, and from there to the here and now. Bert Hellinger

Living systems are wise. Each of us have a place and own destiny as part of a larger whole. We all are influenced by systemic patterns. Due to our limited awarness, we experience them unconsciously. At the same time, we contain a potential to discover our systemic entanglments, learn to accept what is inevitable, and make more conscious and smart choices. Systemic issues require systemic level solutions. Discovering systemic patterns can be life-changing on individual, organisational and even societal contexts.

Iveta Apine
Founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga (SCCR)

Because of the relative simplicity, deep effect and humane nature of this work, constellations are truly loved and applied worldwide. The method of systemic constellations has emerged as a result of system-phenomenological practice by the German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger. His observations led to complementary discoveries on how the living systems work, the method of systemic constellations itself, and later on, to the so-called spirit movement in systemic constellations. Since then, constellation work has been much altered and grown in many different directions worldwide.

The systemic approach is also widely used in organizational consulting, social change and transformation projects, psychotherapy, psychiatry, treatment of a wide range of diseases, etc. At the heart of systemic work lies a deep understanding of system-phenomenological perception processes and it includes concepts such as personal and collective conscience, systemic welfare principles, dynamics and patterns, work with symptoms.

We teach organisational constellations facilitation, offer trainings and workshops on specific organisational topics from systemic perspective. We teach family constellation facilitation and offer specific trainings and workshops on personal growth opportunities. We are happy to be a part of the international constellations community. Our trainings are held in cooperation with trainers of Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland. We believe that changes occur when they are given appropriate space, time and support.

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Systemic Constellations Center Riga
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