Systemic Constellations Center Riga (SCCR)

SCCR is a center of systemic solutions that fosters organizational, leadership and individual change. The systemic training and consulting we offer, is based on a deep understanding of the system-phenomenological processes that are present in any living system – in a company, department, team or management group, in a family system, affecting relationships between all its members, as well as at the social level.

The systemic approach allows us to understand the unconscious, natural operating principles and forces that influence living systems. Phenomenological observations have revealed that the wellbeing of any system is regulated by three systemic principles – when everyone involved have equal rights to belonging; when there is a flow of exchange, giving and taking are in balance; and when elements of the system are acting from their rightful place in the systemic order. These three principles, depending on the way and amount of unconsciously being neglected, can create certain systemic dynamics within the system, affecting everyone involved. In the long run, dynamics create systemic patterns that unconsciously run the system. Systemic constellations is one of the methods that allow unveiling of such unconscious systemic patterns in organizations, teams, family systems, and so on. Often, when faced with patterns in their own systems, our clients are indeed surprised, often relieved and opened up for a new movements in their personal and professional lives.


Our clients are people of different ages, professional paths and life experiences. As the world changes and we grow and change with it, there is a need for contemporary solutions that help us all make the walk of the long and winding road from our head to heart. Our training programs are designed for adults who are looking for ways to overcome their limitations, prejudices, stereotypes, fulfil their longings and live in compliance with their life’s flow.

We collaborate with the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands (BHIN), which is acknowledged for the innovations and further development of systemic work. In our center in Latvia we provide training programs in organizational and family context. In collaboration with professionals of systemic work from Germany and Austria, we will soon offer further training opportunities for those who wish to work in depth with the system-phenomenological approach and systemic constellations.

Iveta Apine

The founder and director of the SCCR. Her path to systemic approach and facilitating systemic constellations begun ten years ago, starting as a client in local constellations workshop and soon taking the wild ride to Bert Hellinger camp in Austia. She afterwards has been trained at Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland, continued studies with Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions and Consulting (Институт консультирования и системных решений, Мoсква), and has since been learning from Bert Hellinger, Stephan Hausner, Jan Jakob Stam, Bibi Schreuder, Guni Baxa, Christine Essen and other internationally renowned professionals. Iveta is currently an affiliate trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland (BHIN), and belongs to the community of the Institute’s systemic pioneers.

Iveta’s previous experience includes more then ten years of facilitating management and team coaching sessions, including strategic sessions; 16 years of business training experience on leadership skills development, coaching skills for managers, team management, time and goal planning, communication, trainer’ training, etc. Iveta has studied business coaching (2009), NLP (2012, 2003, 2001), and is a professionally trained business trainer, her academic education is in international business and economics. She is married and together with her husband raising two daughters.


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