How To Create, Lead and Support Well-performing Teams

A two day practical training/workshop on

How To Create, Lead and Support Well-performing Teams

… new approach to coaching teams… building wise team leaders … managing and leading own team …

This training is for:

  • team leaders, who are not happy with what they already have achieved and dare to look at their work in a different way;
  • for organisational leaders, who have already invested in communication, time management and leadership skills development; tried motivational speeches, changed motivational system; tried focusing on strengthening the individuals in the organisation (testing, evaluating, coaching, mentoring, etc);
  • team coaches, who look for new tools to support their organisational clients;
  • individual coaches, who want to start working with teams.

What we are going to do is:

  • to add a new field of knowledge useful for building strong, performing teams;
  • to look at teams as living systems, from a different angle and see a completely different thing;
  • to explain how to lead a team as a living system;
  • to teach how to coach a team as a living system.

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • a new and different way of looking at teams
  • understanding possible systemic reasons of the disfunctioning of a team (what it wants to tell you)
  • alternatives to act from (what you could do differently)

A few examples of exploring problems in teams…

  1. There is the third team leader in three years and still it does not function well. Problem is repeating itself and apparently it demands a new way of looking at it. What happened to the first team leader? Was he fired? Then there must be a good reason for doing that. One gets fired when crossing important organisational values. What is needed for the whole team now to move on? To recognize what has happened. A team to continue, needs both the recognition that this team leader has been a part of the team, and that there was a good reason for firing him. Before that has not happened, team can go on with experiencing fourth and fifth team leader and keep trying to solve the issue on individual level by changing leaders. That is not providing solution.
  2. A team is having problems embodying defined values. Could it be that this team is identified with some forgotten organisational values? May be one or several team members have unknowingly identified themselves with this value? May be that is why he/they are protesting against the new? Could it be that the system ‘team’ has picked him for taking care of that forgotten value? We will explore the team issues from systemic perspective.

Date and place: March 26 – 27, 2020. Training hours: from 10:00 to 17:00. Place of training will be communicated to the participants. If there will be more than 5 requests, we will provide translation into Latvian.

Price: 350 euro + VAT. Discounts available in cases when more participants are joining the training from the same organisation.

 Registration: info@constellationsriga.lv

Trainers: Anton De Kroon, Iveta Apine



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