Systemic Coaching Slovakia: 2023-2024

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Systemic Consulting and Constellations Training Lithuania 2023

Programme, consisting of 8 modules of 2 days each, starting March 2, 2023, is designed for people who want to:

  • immerse themselves into systemic approach,
  • discover how business coaching and consulting can incorparate systemic dymention,
  • learn systemic constellations as a tool to offer systemic diagnostics and observations,
  • learn to work with organisations as systems without constellating, instead by creating systemic interventions through consulting and/or coaching;
  • enrich themselves with new experience, integrate personal and professional background and find new insights for personal future development.

Programme consist of several blocks of knowledge and application:

  • learning systemic approach as a method of perception, thinking and intervening;
  • learning systemic constellations as a systemic method for working with organisations;
  • learning to work with organisations systemically (without constellating), using systemic approach in business consulting;
  • learning to apply systemic approach when leading organisations.

You can expect that this programme with provide much more than learning. During the training process, you might find insights coming from your personal and professional experience that will influence you in the very essence. For many, learning systemic work initiates a deeply transformational process.

Topics of the training programme:

  • basic characteristics of a system
  • how to interact with systems consciously: systemic attitude, perception, stance; systemic vs. analythical thinking
  • forces influencing living systems: personal, systemic evolutionary levels
  • organisation as a system: principles of order, belonging and exchange in organisations
  • family business: which system is prevailing – family or organisation?
  • influence of dynamics of founders, influence of origin and history in organisation
  • systemic constellations as a method for exploration, diagnostics, insights, interventions, and transformation
  • systemic constellations technique and practice: interview, setting up representatives, questioning them, letting the movement, making interventions in the constellation as an image of the system, closing constellation and dialogue with the client;
  • systemic stance of the facilitator, decisions at each stage of the process, results of constellation, process after constellation;
  • types of constellations, application of constellations, constellating by external consultants and organisational leaders inside organisation – does and don’t.
  • systemic consulting (without constellations): questioning based on deep understanding of how living systems work – to reveal principles and patterns, to support healing of the system, to foster systemic change, to case actions;
  • systemic perspective in coaching, systemic coaching dialogue;
  • systemic leadership – how to apply and transmit systemic thinking, when in leadership positions.

Training is organised by HAI Institutas, Vilnius, Lithuania.



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