Development Programme for Executives

This programme is developed for business executives who are experts in their business and demonstrate sustainable management/leadership skills, and still can refer to the following situations:
  • management issues that keep repeating themselves over and over and it seems impossible to find good solutions;
  • find himself/herself in the same or similar situations during the entire carrier and is looking for new approach to grow;
  • is undergoing a period of unclarity in important life/work areas and it is even tricky to formulate what is needed;
  • feel tired or may be even burned out and is seeking “some kind of healing”.

Training programme supports participants in three basic directions:

  • perceiving a larger picture on what is actually happening in the organisation/team supporting clarity and decision making;
  • strengthening talents and ability to take responsibility “from own place and function” and saying “no” to tasks, processes and emotions that are no longer relevant;
  • building understanding regarding change and transformation processes to be implemented in strengthening the organisation/team and leading people.

This training is based on experiential learning principles. Participants can expect sharing of personal experience as well as systemic exercises and theoretical parts. How do we measure if the training has been useful? We observe personal growth of participants through their insights and live experience. Insights lead to new perspective and this inevitably triggers a process of change in the organisation the participant is part of. This is the major difference of the training – we do not concentrate on obtaining specific skills, or even solving specific problems, we build a platform for coherence and invest in ability to perceive larger context and make changes.

Issues that we often meet in organisational systems:

  •  company cannot reach planned goals (also financial);
  • lack of engagement; high employee turnover;
  • struggles with teamwork, communication, conflicts;
  • changes in organisation that bring a lot of unclarity;
  • complications with processes, functions, workload, planning, etc;
  • emotional reactions of wide spectrum at workplace etc.

We will explore these situations as well as specific situations of participants and will look for solutions on everyday and strategic level. Success of this training programme comes from sharing and learning from experience of colleagues in a long-term training process as well as participation on systemic process in the group. Participants can expect homework between training days. Topics of training: analytical and systemic thinking in leading an organisation/team; teams as part of larger organisation; tools for working with organisation/team as a whole; list of systemic patterns; symptoms of patterns in organisations; coaching and feedback skills training; working with functions, people and self; development, change and transformation processes.

Group is confidential and opened for participants from non-competing companies.

Training consists of 8 training days, once a month.

Trainer: Iveta Apine, Head of Systemic Constellations Center Riga, systemic consultant and coach.

Group size: 8 places in class. 16 places for online version.

English and Russian groups online are available per request.

Training costs: 1200 euro (+VAT 21% if applicable) per 8 days training.





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