Family Constellations Basic Training Programme

When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person’s responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.

Bert Hellinger

This is the short description of Latvian training programme, consisting of 10 modules of 2 days each.

The topics include:

  • Systemic perception and conprehension, without interpretations, judgement and opinion. The concept of the empty middle. Systemic information, genogramme, ancestral family history and origin. Exploring family constellations as a method: the knowing field, systemic laws and the phenomenon of representation. Initial interview. Process of family constellation.
  • Theoretical background: personal and systemic consciencies. Systemic patterns. Systemic roots of thinking, behaviour, habits and symptoms. Primary and secondary feeling, systemic emotions. Meeting systemenergy in constellations.
  • Family issues from systemic perspective. Relationships between parents and children, siblings. Relationship in couples. Patch-work families. Parenting. Health issues. Concepts of life and death.
  • “Reading” the field of the constellation. Internal attitude of the constellator. The triangle of theory, systemienergy and reality. Systemic interventions. The art of resolving sentences.
  • Ethics. Orders of helping. Integration of knowledge. Personal growth of the facilitator. Self-reflection.
  • Plenty of systemic exercises of small and large groups, constellations for participants, constellations by participants for learning purposes.
  • Full training programme available to Latvian participants.

Trainers: Iveta Apine, Normunds Apinis, Terēze Riekstiņa

We are happy to offer full training programme, parts of the programme or specific topics from the programme internationally. Please contact us for futher information. E-mail: info@constellationsriga.lv




Systemic Work for Organisational Development and Consulting

How to find a fresh breath, new approach for futher team, organisational or business development? This is the question many leaders and consultants are asking. Systemic work can provide a new level of insights, change the paradigm of thinking, create an environment for unfolding of potential in individual and organisatioanl levels.

Participants learn a block of knowledge that they do not meet in other organisational developmement disciplines – knowledge about organisation as an ecosystem (live system). This training can become an important building block of your world view on organisational development from the position of a leader or  a consultant. Participants also encounter important personal insights that support their carrier, management style, leadership and potential.

Topics of the training programme for Latvian training group of 2022/2023 include:

Block 1:

  • Organisation as aliving system; characteristics, forces, principles, patterns
  • Exploring organisational/team patterns in practice; symptoms from systemic perspective
  • Formation and development of new systems; end and transformation of systems; leaving a system;
  • Systemic leadership competences; team leadership from systemic perspective;
  • Influence of origin and history; orgenogramme; meeting trauma ir organisations.

Block 2:

  • Basic skills for systemic work in organisations: perception, thinking, attitude
  • Instruments of systemic work: systemic constellations and systemic coaching/consulting
  • Learning systemic constellations in group setting; working with guest clients;
  • Types of systemic interventions when leading organisation or team, leading change
  • Solving participants leadership and management cases with the help of systemic constellations process
  • Glance into business disciplines from systemic perspective: strategy, marketing and sales, HR, change management, organisational culture change.

Trainers: Iveta Apine, Normunds Apinis, Raivis Irbītis

We are happy to offer full training programme, parts of the programme or specific topics from the programme internationally. We also offer systemic training programmes and/or consulting services inside organisations. Please contact us for futher information. E-mail: info@constellationsriga.lv



Systemic Coaching: Basic Training Programme

Systemic coaching training is a great choice for those who are looking for solutions when working with other people in organisational, executive or life-coaching contexts. This is also a smart choise for people who know constellations work and want to learn to work systemically withput constellations in classic group setting. This training is available for people with or without knowledge in coaching; also, with or without knowledge in systemic constellations.

We suggest systemic coaching for people in the age group 40+. Why? Because this programme deeply supports people in the mid-life period when life seems to require integration rather then achievments. We kindly wellcome executives, HRs, consultants, supervisors, coaches, therapists, etc.

Training topics include

Introduction. Analytical and systemic perception; systemic questions and their source; systemic perspective in coaching; intewrnal attitude, knowledge and skills; working with client as part of a system; de-learning process.

Exploring organisations and families as living systems. Building own genogramme, systemic aspects and application. Orgenogramme, integration own biography, professional and career experience. Characteristics of the system, systemic thinking. Symptoms and their systemic roots. Topics often met in coaching explained systemically.

Systemic principles and patterns. Systemic-fonemenological model: forces, principles, patterns, symptoms. Origin and history as source of systemic patterns, influence on presence. Patterns connected to order, belonging and balance. Entering and leaving organisational systems. Separation form family of origin, marriage, divorse, etc. Being trauma informed.

Special topics: coaching model 1:1. Working with systemic figures and online. Working with teams: questioning, constellating, reflecting. Working with potential, unknown, guiding through transformation.

Building own coaching practice. Own professional identity. Integration of systemic coaching in one’s own portfolio. Ethics, Orders of helping.

Trainer: Iveta Apine

We are happy to offer full training programme, parts of the programme or specific topics from the programme internationally. Also, this training programme can be tought on-line with 1-3 in-class sessions. Please contact us for futher information. E-mail: info@constellationsriga.lv




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